Elephant’s Heartfelt Reunion: 12 Years Later, She Recognizes the Vet Who Saved Her Life (Video)

Elephant Recognizes Vet Who Saved His Life 12 Years Prior

Animals, just like humans, are emotional creatures and very sensitive. Though they cannot speak, they express themselves in other wαყ? that arejust as beautiful if not more. Plai Thang, this 31 year old elephant hailing from Thailand, was gravely ill in 2011. He managed to survive the ᴛe??ι̇ɓℓe ɗι̇?eα?e of trypanosomiasis all thanks to the care and treatment he received from his veterinarian, Pattaraapol Maneeon. This vet went above and beyond to careful and eventually same this gentle giant. Even if many years have passed, Plai Thang will never forget the treatment he received from his beloved vet.

After months of treatment, Plai Thang was released into the forest. 12 years later, a beautiful reunion has occurred between the elephant and his vet. The meeting took place recently when Pattarapol was touring the area to which Plai Thang was released. The vet recognized the sound of an elephant and managed to call oυᴛ to him in return. Plai Thang responded to his call and raised his trunk to Pattaraapol to express his recognition and gratitude. We love wholesome reunion stories like these. It fills us with positivity and good vibes!


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