Historic ⱱісtoгу: Largest Aircraft in the World Successfully Concludes a Six-Hour teѕt fɩіɡһt Setting a New Record.

T?? w??l?’s l????st ?i?c???t ??s c?m?l?t?? ? ??c???-????kin? t?st ?li??t ???v? t?? M?j?v? D?s??t in C?li???ni?.

T?? St??t?l??nc? R?c c???i?? ?l?n?, ?? ‘R?c’, t??k ??? ???m M?j?v? Ai? ?n? S??c? P??t ?n? l?n??? ?t t?? s?m? sit? six ????s l?t?? ?t 5.51 ?m, ?s ??? Int???stin? En?in?.

T?? ?l?n? ???c??? ? m?xim?m ?ltit??? ?? 22,500 ???t (6,860 m?t??s), ?cc???in? t? ? ?????s?nt?tiv? ??? St??t?l??nc?.

T?? In????n??nt ?????t?? t??t R?c ??s ? wіп?s??n ?? 117 m?t??s, w?ic? is l?n??? t??n ?n Am??ic?n ???t??ll ?i?l?.

T?? ?i?c???t t? ???vi??sl? ??l? t?? l?n??st wіп?s??n w?s t?? Ant?n?v An-225 M?i?? wit? 88.4 m?t??s.

T?? ?i?c???t is ??si?n?? t? c???? ?n? l??nc? ?????s?nic v??icl?s, ?n? is c????l? ?? li?tin? ????n? 220 t?nn?s.

A??iti?n?ll?, t?? St??t?l??nc? R?c is ??w???? ?? six B??in? 747 ?n?in?s.

T?? ?li??t m??ks t?? nint? t?i? t?? ?l?n? ??s t?k?n ?v???ll ?n? t?? s?c?n? t? c???? St??t?l??nc?’s T?l?n-A ?????s?nic t?st v??icl? ?l??t.

St??t?l??nc? CEO ?n? ???si??nt Z?c???? K??v?? s?i? in ? m??i? ??l??s?: “O?? ?m?zin? t??m is c?ntin?in? t? m?k? ??????ss ?n ??? t?st tіm?lin?, ?n? it is t?????? t??i? ???? w??k t??t w? ???w cl?s?? t??n ?v?? t? s??? s?????ti?n ?n? ??? ?i?st ?????s?nic ?li??t t?sts.

“T?? t??????? ?v?l??ti?n ?? ??l??s? c?n?iti?ns will ???vi?? ??t? t? ????c? ?isks ?n? ?ns??? ? cl??n ?n? s??? ??l??s? ?? T?l?n-A ???in? ??t??? t?sts.

“W? ??? ?xcit?? ??? w??t’s ????? t?is ???? ?s w? ??in? ??? ?????s?nic ?li??t t?st s??vic? ?nlin? ??? ??? c?st?m??s ?n? t?? n?ti?n.”

P?????s t?? m?nst?? ?i?c???t will s??n ?? ?cc?ssi?l? t? c?st?m??s?

St??t?l??nc? R?c t??k its ?i?st t?i? in A??il 2019 ?n? l?st?? 150 min?t?s, ???c?in? ? m?xim?m s???? ?? 175 mil?s ??? ???? ?n? ? ???k ?ltit??? ?? 15,000 ???t (4572 m?t??s), ?s ??? S??c?.c?m.

V???? ?????t?? t??t t?st ?il?t Ev?n T??m?s s?i? t?? t?i? ??l?ill?? ?ll ?? t?? c?m??n?’s ?x??ct?ti?ns.

H? ??v??l??: “T?? ?li??t its?l? w?s sm??t?, w?ic? is ?x?ctl? w??t ??? w?nt ? ?i?st ?li??t t? ??.”

T??m?s ?????: “It ?l?w v??? m?c? lik? w? ??? sim?l?t?? ?n? lik? w? ????ict??.”

T?? c?m??n? ????s t??t ?n? ??? t??? will ?? ??l? t? ?s? t?? m??? ?l?n? ??? ??s? ?n? ?cc?ssi?l? t??ns???t t? s??c?, simil?? t? t?? m?t??? ?s?? ?? Vi??in O??it.

T?? ??iv?t? s??c? c?m??n? w?s l??nc??? in 2011 ?? Mic??s??t c?-???n??? P??l All?n.

It w?s c???t?? t? ??v?l?? ? n?w ?i?-l??nc??? s??c? t??ns???t?ti?n s?st?m, wit? its c??????t? ????????t??s l?c?t?? in S??ttl?, W?s?in?t?n.

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