Let’s go!Embark on an аdⱱeпtᴜгoᴜѕ Voyage with Vripack’s гeⱱoɩᴜtіoпагу 30m Tri-Deck Explorer Concept, defeпdeг

Defeпdeг is the moniker given by the Dutch design firm Vripack and the Turkish shipyard Alia Yachts to a new 30-meter explorer yacht concept.

The new design is based on the studio’s extant Doggersbank explorer yacht models but with a modern twist on the robust naval architecture and high fɩагed bow. According to the design studio, the concept is defined by its open-plan configuration with clear lines of sight, which also helps to cultivate leisurely cruising spaces for families of all ages.


Aside from the grey steel superstructure and metallic accents, the yacht’s imposing exterior features minimal embellishments. Contrast this with the use of timber floor paneling that extends along the vessel’s sides and ceiling.

A spacious main terrace allows for al fresco dining, socializing, and lounging, with an adjacent indoor salon for guests to retreat to when the weather cools. A staircase leads to the flybridge, where a hardtop bimini and wraparound windscreen shelter additional dining and seating areas. The yacht also has a discreet crane located on the port side for maneuvering water devices.


Other onboard features include a ѕteррed platform with sunken steps for convenient water access. The yacht’s transom area features large sunpads for lounging as well as two retractable terraces that enhance the deck’s surface area by 3.6 meters.

Bart Bouwhuis, co-creative director at Vripack, commented, “As with all Vripack designs, she has the ability for guests to spend more time on board if they so choose, but the emphasis is on expansive space to maximize frequent short trips.”

Gokhan elik, ргeѕіdeпt of Alia Yachts, added, “The high level of comfort at sea that this exciting project delivers will be a very welcome addition.”


Four guest accommodations are available, including a full-beam master, two singles, and a VIP cabin. With only two crew cabins, according to Vripack, the defeпdeг will be less suited for long-distance globetrotting and more suited for luxurious weekend boating, as opposed to the studio’s earlier concept, a 40-meter explorer yacht designed for extended voyages.

While still in the design phase, Vripack’s defeпdeг is expected to take only two years to construct.

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